What about the market, potential policy holder profile for a Life Insurance Company?


A Pan-Asian Life Insurance Company wants to gain a better understanding of a specific country’s nationwide portfolio of policy holders.


An International Life Insurance company was holding market share but simultaneously losing a large number of customers in some areas while gaining strongly in others. They wanted to understand more about their policy coverage across a diverse and changing market so they could allocate their sales and marketing resources more effectively.

Insurance, Market Evaluation
Demographics, Purchasing Power, Premium value
Thematic Maps, Query


CII software allows you to work with high amount of data in a fast way. It was quiet fast to import company data and relate it with territory datasets. For several million policy holders, detailed datasets including age, premium value and address processed and aggregated. The data was linked with demographic and income data. It fasten decision making process, thanks to thematic maps and query analysis.The analysis indicated a strong relationship between policy penetration, social profile, age and household structure. Strong relationships between the premium values and area income levels were also demonstrated.

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