Use Cases

How to utilize location intelligence
for an omni-channel retail strategy?

In today's dynamic retail environment, staying ahead requires not only understanding consumer behavior but also leveraging data-driven insights for strategic decision-making. This case study illustrates the transformative impact of location intelligence on optimizing retail strategy, focusing on a leading retail conglomerate navigating both physical and digital storefronts.


How to grow E-commerce business for a pure offline retailer?

An international multi-brand retail chain in South Asia which manages over 30+ brick and mortar large format stores with growing e-commerce operation.


How to expand and manage performance as a restaurant chain?

A London restaurant chain owning 50 locations, would like to expand in UK. They would to understand better their current store performances and decide where they should focus a significant expansion into different types of locations in the capital and to other major cities in the UK.


How to improve forecasting and performance assessment as a food retailer?

A national UK retailer willing to organise their 3,000+ locations into manageable groupings to have a reliable forecasting and performance measurement for coming new store openings.


How to deal with an agressive expansion strategy for a multi-brand company?

Operator of 4 international fast-food brands with 1,000+ outlets in 12 Central and Western European markets wants to pursue an aggressive expansion strategy.


How to manage my property portfolio and run my territorial analyses?

Turkish branch of an international property management agency was operating in the country for couple of years in different functions. In time, collecting and storing property portfolio on personal databases, created difficulties in their daily management and teamwork.


Developer of Logistics Parks with a pan-European mission

An owner, developer and manager of logistics parks wants to expand in a number of major cities through acquisition of the optimal mix of large/medium/small hubs to provide blanket population coverage.


How to assess the market Opportunity Assessment for a Private Equity Firm?

A Private Equity firm wants quickly evaluate the acquisition and subsequent rationalisation opportunity in a Western European retail chain with national coverage of 1,500+ branches.


What about the market, potential policy holder profile for a Life Insurance Company?

A Pan-Asian Life Insurance Company wants to gain a better understanding of a specific country’s nationwide portfolio of policy holders.


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