Navigating Vietnam’s Shopping Mall Scene: Unveiling Foot Traffic Trends with Google Popular Times

In Vietnam's vibrant urban landscape, shopping malls serve as bustling hubs of commerce, entertainment, and social activity. Understanding the ebb and flow of foot traffic within these malls is paramount for businesses seeking to optimize operations and enhance the shopping experience. Leveraging technology, particularly Google Popular Times, offers a novel approach to estimating mall traffic trends in Vietnam. In this article, we explore the innovative use of Google Popular Times and its implications for navigating the dynamics of shopping mall foot traffic in Vietnam.

Decoding Google Popular Times

Google Popular Times is a feature integrated into Google Maps and Search, providing users with insights into the busiest times of various establishments, including shopping malls. Leveraging aggregated and anonymized location data, Google estimates the popularity of a place at different times of the day and week. This data is derived from users who have opted in to share their location history with Google.

Google Popular Times

Estimating Shopping Mall Traffic in Vietnam

CII is tracking Google Popular Times data since 2021. Google Maps provides users with Popular Times graphs, showcasing the relative busyness of a mall throughout the day. After cleaning and organizing the data considering the factors such as weekends, holidays, and special events, like TET holidays and summer vacations which may influence consumer behavior, the basis of the data is formalized.

Finally, foot traffic trends can be observed across different malls to identify outliers and benchmarks. Understanding how each mall performs on its own within a day, week or month and how it performs relative to its peers; can provide valuable competitive insights.

Augmenting Google Popular Times data with additional sources, such as sales figures, promotional activities, and weather patterns, would enrich analyses and through that, can lead to actionable insights.

CII Popularity Tool

There could be several implications for businesses;

  1. Operational Optimization: Armed with insights into peak hours and traffic patterns, mall operators and retailers can optimize staffing, security, and resource allocation to meet consumer demand effectively.
  2. Marketing and Promotions: Tailor marketing campaigns and promotional activities to coincide with peak foot traffic hours, maximizing outreach and engagement with potential customers.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Anticipate and mitigate congestion during peak hours, enhancing the overall shopping experience for visitors and fostering customer loyalty.
  4. Location Selection: A retailer knowing its existing store location visitors count in a shopping mall, can compare this location’s flow to the targeted shopping mall locations. This event could be used as well to forecast the conversion rate of shopping mall visitors to store visitors, expected transactions, and more over store turnover.

In Vietnam's bustling retail landscape, understanding and estimating shopping mall traffic is essential for driving business success and delivering exceptional customer experiences. By harnessing the power of Google Popular Times, businesses can gain valuable insights into foot traffic trends, enabling them to make informed decisions and stay ahead in a competitive market. While challenges exist, the innovative use of technology offers promising opportunities for optimizing operations and enhancing the shopping experience in Vietnam's dynamic shopping malls.

While Google Popular Times offers a valuable tool for estimating shopping mall traffic, businesses must navigate challenges to effectively leverage this data. Collaborating with a skilled location analytics team presents a solution. Such a skilled location analytics team can firstly provide accurate sampling, which is critical for interpreting this data effectively, and then lead to reliable estimations for the Vietnam retail market. At that CII comes in with a remarkable experience in location analytics and a deep focus on Asian countries.

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