How to manage my property portfolio and run my territorial analyses?


Turkish branch of an international property management agency was operating in the country for couple of years in different functions. In time, collecting and storing property portfolio on personal databases, created difficulties in their daily management and teamwork.


One of the largest Retail/Office Property Management companies in Turkey has more than 30 analysts with varying levels of experience. The project assessments were very labour intensive and time consuming as information was collected analysed and presented on a case-by-case basis. Added to the inefficiency was the problem of the outputs varying significantly in format and quality if produced by different analysts or at different times.

Property portfolio,Database, Interface, Scorecard, Mobile
Demographics, Internal Datasets


CII was a best option, all in one solution, not only providing richdatasets and analytic abilities but also storing and sharing information over a user friendly interface. All key datasets for the Turkish market including demographics, retail locations, office locations and relevant points of interest. Internal data, including rental levels, site schemes and tenant information, was linked with the demographic data and visualised against backgrounds. Assessment checklists, scorecards and site visuals are now produced automatically and can be accessed by different users or edited at later dates. Since the system can be accessed remotely for mobile, it is very convenient to use on-site working as well.

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