How to grow E-commerce business for a pure offline retailer?


An international multi-brand retail chain in South Asia which manages over 30+ brick and mortar large format stores with growing e-commerce operation


Client’s operation still mostly takes place offline format, however e-commerce is getting a share of the cake so rapidly. Keeping the same upward trend continued in the e-commerce business is getting harder because of strong and fast-changing competition conditions. Under these circumstances, keeping on the right track in business expansion, identifying, and reaching targeted customer profiles directly will lead to success.

E-commerce, Segmentation, Expansion
Resident Population, SES Groups, Stores’ Sales, Income
Demographic Segmentation


We clustered all targeted areas in terms of income, age, gender, and other demographic and geographic data sets and created an index to indicate all segments which are recovery zone, growth opportunities, mature areas, and low potential. With these segments, clients can easily identify new business opportunities, or which region has low potential to grow.

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