How to expand and manage performance as a restaurant chain?


A London restaurant chain owning 50 locations, would like to expand in UK. They would to understand better their current store performances and decide where they should focus a significant expansion into different types of locations in the capital and to other major cities in the UK.


The gut-feel approach for evaluating potential new locations had begun to struggle. The chain was expanding from typical locations of areas densely populated by workers to shopping centre & high street locations on the outskirts and suburbs. To secure financing, a more rigorous, transparent and methodological approach to future expansion was required.

Clustering, Expansion
Resident population, Worker Population, SES groups
Radius Map


We tracked performance then mapped this information while linking the locations to profiles and numbers of residents and workers served by them. We then clustered similarly performing stores. The resulting model was found to be highly accurate in explaining current performance and allowed rigorous evaluation of potential new sites.

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