How to deal with an agressive expansion strategy for a multi-brand company?


Operator of 4 international fast-food brands with 1,000+ outlets in 12 Central and Western European markets wants to pursue an aggressive expansion strategy.


The client had rapidly built from a single country base, expanding into 12 markets but their legacy systems could not support the new territories. Ideally, the client wanted a similar approach for all markets, including how they would expand from the capitals to national coverage. They needed to track existing branches and plan new locations and chain acquisition opportunities. Competitor evaluation, traffic analysis and demographic information were all essential requirements.

Fastfood Chain, Competition
POI, Demographics
Catchment Map, Geocoding


We mapped all locations which allowed the client to visualise their branches including catchment areas and delivery zones. Strategic plans, potential sites, points of interest, competition and drive-time evaluation is represented and evaluated. Demographics for 12 markets were included as a core component with the flexibility to add new markets modularly. We provides as well consulting services, for the preparations to senior management.

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