How to assess the market Opportunity Assessment for a Private Equity Firm


A Private Equity firm wants quickly evaluate the acquisition and subsequent rationalisation opportunity in a Western European retail chain with national coverage of 1,500+ branches.


A Private Equity company required a quick but detailed review of a large Western European retail chain. They needed to understand the range in quality and size of the potential acquisition and the relative strength of the operator across its various regions.

Private Equity, Market Entry, Competition
Demographics, POI
Drivetime Map, Radius Map


All target locations are collaed and overlaid them with competition, the detailed road network and demographics. 10% sample of all locations are evaluated to assess physical condition, size, facilities, strengths versus competition, catchment size and long term viability/development potential. Detailed due diligence analysis for the whole portfolio was conducted as the project progressed. All location details and supporting demographics were appended to an interactive online map- based reporting system.

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