Developer of Logistics Parks with a pan-European mission


An owner, developer and manager of logistics parks wants to expand in a number of major cities through acquisition of the optimal mix of large/medium/small hubs to provide blanket population coverage.


A fast growing logistics park solutions provider was assessing opportunities to develop and market networks of urban and suburban hubs to serve major cities across Europe. They needed to assess the optimal mix of locations for their clients to deliver from. A process that could consistently assess locations using supporting demographics across the largest cities and conurbations in Europe was required.

Logistics, Cloud Solution
Drivetime, Thematic Mapping


We developed a detailed demographics and road network base covering major European cities. Population distribution and spread was overlaid with drive-time isochrones for multiple strategic points. Recommendations were made for the optimal mix of distribution bases that could cover local urban catchments and suburban/out-of-city sprawls. Clients were able to review cities and potential sites internally thanks to cloud based mobile platform of CII.

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