Data Catalogue

Merge your company internal datasets with strong demographic datalake of CII and empower your business strategy.
Geocode your customers, categorize them and unlock the relation between your customer data and location.
Set much more powerful marketing strategies.

Access more than 30 countries demographics on smallest administrative level. CII has a trusted algorithm to provide reliable data for demographics where countries administrative bodies provide limited data.
Add more insights to your maps thanks to rich variety of basemaps of CII. Reach wide range of basemaps wheter on your local language or international ones, with different geographic facts to assess land use, track up to date transportation lines and nodes.
Moving Population
Access not only resident population but moving population from day to night, weekday to weekend. Follow the pattern of the movement thanks to detailed transportation data.
Locations & Zones Data
Enhance your maps content and overview your location with surrounding attractive spots, competitors data, transportation nodes, facilities. Undercover attractiveness of your target locations.
Purchasing Power / SES
Segmentify your target population based on purchasing power and SES data. Estimate your market more accurately.
Housing Development
Make more precise population estimations thanks to rich new housing developments datasets of CII.
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