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Navigating Vietnam’s Shopping Mall Scene: Unveiling Foot Traffic Trends with Google Popular Times

In Vietnam’s vibrant urban landscape, shopping malls serve as bustling hubs of commerce, entertainment, and social activity. Understanding the ebb and flow of foot traffic within these malls is paramount for businesses seeking to optimize operations and enhance the shopping experience. Leveraging technology, particularly Google Popular Times, offers a novel approach to estimating mall traffic trends in Vietnam. In this article, we explore the innovative use of Google Popular Times and its implications for navigating the dynamics of shopping mall foot traffic in Vietnam.


Shopping Malls are dying soon or reinventing themselves?

All sectors have been affected by the Covid-19 virus in various ways. Shopping malls and the retail sector are also among those affected by the pandemic. When shopping malls stayed closed for long period of time and re-opened by strict rules, this opens a new debate. Was it really the end of shopping malls? In such a period, where online shopping was growing so fast, it was obvious for lots of us that this was the end of the game for shopping malls! But is it really the case?


Population Dynamics: Singapore Case

Resident population is a key fact to estimate commercial potentiality for a country or a city.

However, it has to be evaluated considering the movement of the population during day time. Especially, in metropolitan cities, the way the population circulate create additional opportunities to expand businesses and increase market share.

In this sense, public transportation data is a reliable and dynamic tool to understand people movement during the day. In a country like Singapore where public transportation is the most preferred means of transportation, this plays key role to assess the potential generated by pedestrian flow.

Public transportation is providing insight into the direction and volume of people’s daily movements. The flow in an area can be analyzed with the number of passengers tapping in and out at station.

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